Easy Weeknight Balsamic Tart

The other night I made my first puff pastry tart – pretty basic stuff, but I can honestly say I have never made one before, and it will soon be on the top of my hit list for weekly dinners. Seriously yummy, quick and easy.

Photo 3-09-13 7 57 10 PM

As I’m rocking this whole use-what-food-I-have-before-buying-more thing, I have to think outside the box. I looked at my depleted food on hand and had a single chicken breast, 2 leftover strips of prosciutto (seriously, who leaves that?!) and a pear. One single chicken breast wasn’t going to feed both the hubs and I, but I was going to stretch that bad boy as far as I could, and decided on a tart (puff pastry in the freezer can easily be forgotten about, but it may just get you out of a nothing-for-dinner hole one day… keep it on hand!)
First I turned the oven on to 200c, put a pot of simmering water on and pulled my puff pastry out to soften up. I then gently poached the chicken and removed it once it almost, but not quite cooked. (I knew I’d be putting it in the oven so didn’t want to fully cook it as it would then over cook in the oven). While my chicken was poaching away I sliced up a red onion and had that browning over medium heat with olive oil and garlic. I then shredded my poached chicken and tossed that through the onion, threw in a small splash of balsamic vinegar stirred it altogether and removed it from the heat.

I then sliced my pear and laid it across the pastry leaving a couple of cm border around the sides.

Top with the chicken/onion mixture.
Top that with the strips of prosciutto torn into small pieces.
And then top that with a crumble of feta that I found hidden in the fridge and a drizzle of olive oil.
Last but not least brush the pastry edges with an eggwash so it goes nice and golden in the oven.

Bake for about 20-30mins and … VOILA!! A delish and easy tart. You could totally skip the poaching part and just grill the chicken in the same pan while your onions are browning, but I wanted my meat shredded instead of sliced.

Sorry for the lack of photos, but that is the ONLY photo I took of it because I really expected this to be a basic, boring (and potentially soggy on the bottom) dinner. I also expected that it would’ve needed a sauce as the first layer on the pastry and was kicking myself as to why I didn’t think of that initially. What it actually was, was a crispy, flaky, sweet and savoury delicious dinner all in one . The pears softened beautifully and kind of acted like a sauce anyway, all good! (and it got a big tick of approval from Ben, which is always important to me).

Anyways, I’m done selling it.  Just be creative with your own kitchen goodies and you never know what deliciousness may happen :)

2 thoughts on “Easy Weeknight Balsamic Tart

  1. love the use of pear! sounds delicious!
    gotta love resourcefulness! :P

    stumbled across your blog and simply love it! looking forward to your next post :)

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